New Royal Baby May Have the Legal Right to Run For U.S. President One Day

The new royal baby is already making history in more ways than one.

According to the Daily Mail, Baby Sussex could be the first person to have the right to become both a British monarch or U.S. President. This could only be possible if Meghan Markle didn't voluntarily give up her own U.S. citizenship when she married Prince Harry. By law, she's not required to give up her U.S. citizenship. So, if that is the case, Baby Sussex could also be granted U.S. citizenship.

There's are obviously more requirements to become U.S. President and to obtain U.S. citizenship. The U.S. Constitution requires candidates to have lived in the U.S. for at least 14 years and be at least 35 years of age. The birth of Baby Sussex also needs to be officially reported to an American consulate in order for him to obtain U.S. citizenship.

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