Restore & Hydrate Skin With This Minnesota Company: Mollie's Must-Haves

I didn't really start taking skin care seriously until about a year ago, and I wish I'd come across this local company sooner.

Brevena Skin Care has a line of products made right here in Minnesota that use the Macro B Complex to calm sensitive skin, replenish severely dry skin, and soothe irritation. Macro B Complex is something doctors and plastic surgeons have been using for 20+ years to treat traumatized skin in burn centers across the country, so it's awesome that we get to use it in a product at home.

I tried the products that come in the Brevena Basics Pack, which includes their "Perfect Pair" of Daily Hydration Moisturizer, Restore & Hydrate Overnight Cream, and Intensive Foot & Heel Repair. I have such GROSS, rough, calloused feet (tmi, sorry), so I love putting on the Intensive Foot & Heel Repair to help get rid of the dryness after using my Amope.

I talked to Brevena to get you the hookup because I want you to try their life-changing skin care products (and seriously who doesn't love a deal??). Mollie's Must-Haves fans get a 25% discount on products with the promo code "MOLLIE." (Make sure you spell it correctly! Haha.) And no, you don't have to buy it through someone buy it DIRECTLY from them!

Check out their products here.

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