YouTuber Accidentally Films Suitcase with Dead Body Inside

A YouTuber inadvertently filmed what might be the body of a murder victim stuffed in a suitcase for a travel video.

The suitcase may be connected to a serial murder case rocking Cyprus politics, nearly two years after the video was filmed. The suspected killer confessed to murdering seven people just days ago, and told law enforcement officials he dumped some of his victims' bodies in suitcases into a lake that's become a destination for travel influencers. 

New York-based vlogger Sarah Funk visited Cyprus'Mitsero Red Lake, a toxic, acidic body of water tinted red from now-abandoned British mining operations in June 2017. 

"This is what murder episodes are made of," Funk's partner, Luis Yanes, can be heard joking in a YouTube video she posted of their visit to the eery locale. 

They climbed over barbed wire and scrambled down a steep hill to get to the lake. 

"This feels like death, you know what I mean?" Funk exclaimed. Later, she quipped, "I justfeeldeath in the air, it's so nice."

A shot of Funk squatting to photograph a boxy object in the water can be seen at roughly 2:08 in the video. The object may be one of the suitcases containing a woman's remains. 

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