This "Godawful Ugly" Minnesota Home Is Now Being Offered For FREE

A Minnesota woman is giving away her four-bedroom home for free - but the offer comes with a catch.

Whoever becomes the new owner of the property will have just three months to pick up and move the entire structure out of Jordan County.

Barb Kochlin inherited the house when she bought the brewery complex it sits on from her grandmother Gail Anderson, the first female mayor of Jordan, in 2011.

But the house, which Kochlin describes as 'godawful ugly', has become a thorn in her side as city codes means she is unable to renovate it back to a single home, and she has been unable to find a buyer. 

'The city says it's ugly. I say it's historic,' Kochlin, a real estate investor and property manager, toldStar Tribune

'Although she also said that with a 'cork backsplash, horrible wallpaper and fake brick' it's from 'some era when nobody had any taste'.

With no water and sewer connections, the house was moved there in 2002 and has been vacant for more than 20 years.

Electricity, heating, ventilation and air conditioning have recently become available but that hasn't helped find a buyer.

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