BAE, MANSPLAIN, And More Are Added To Official Scrabble Word List

Sharenting, blud and bae are among the words to be added to the board game Scrabble.

The youth culture slang phrases are counted among the list of 2,862 words, which have been updated for the first update since 2015.

Dictionary publisher Collins, which compiles the list, has also included 'manspreading' – when a man spreads his legs in public. 

Collins looks at terms from Australia,Canada,South Africa, the US and UK and includes new words based on trends and spikes in usage. 

Reflecting this, the word 'incel' – involuntary celibate – has made the list, as has 'antivaxxer' and 'dox' – to share someone's personal information online. 

Political analysis has introduced the term 'post-truth' and, perhaps influenced by hit BBC series Bodyguard, the Russian word 'kompromat' has made the list. 

It refers to potentially compromising documents and photographs. The offence of 'upskirting' is another addition to the Scrabble repertoire.

You can find the full list and more details here

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