The Top 5 Places We Cry - Your Car Is #1

Ok, I'm surprised "movie theater" isn't on this list......

A new survey listed a bunch of different places, and asked 2,000Americans whether or not they've cried there before. And the place we're most likely to break down in tears is . . . in our CAR.

53% of people said they've cried in their car before. Probably because it's one of the few places you know you're alone . . . and traffic may have a small hand in it.

Here are the five places we're most likely to cry, according to the survey . . .

1. In our car, 53%.

2. At a family event, 41%.

3. At work, 34%.

4. Walking down the street, 29%.

5. At the grocery store, 16%

Is it weird that "at home" isn't listed?!?!?!?


Random, but related question......who cried it better? Up there? Or down there?

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