Husband with Down Syndrome Passes Away After Record Breaking Marriage

An American couple with Down's syndrome have been finally parted by death after 25 years of marriage.

Paul Scharoun-DeForge passed away last month at the age of 56 after a long battle with early-onset Alzheimer's disease, leaving his wife Kris, 59, widowed.

Relatives believe their marriage was the longest between two people with the condition.  

The couple from the town of Liverpool in New York state, were both born with Down's syndrome, but their families ignored doctors' advice to place them in institutions. 

It was love at first sight met at a dance for disabled people in the 1980s.

After years of dating, Kris proposed to Paul in 1988.

'He made me laugh,' she told the Washington Post. 'I looked into his eyes and saw my future, and that's when I proposed to him. … He said yes.' 

Paul began showing the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease last year, and eventually had to go into care, which left Kris distraught.

But they were still able to share Sunday dinners at Susan's home.  

'Little by little, you do get used to having them less there,' Susan said. 

'He was still a part of the family, but you could tell he didn't really recognize people.'  

But Paul had no trouble remembering his sweetheart. 

'When he would see Kris, he would just look at her, and you knew there was that recognition,' Susan told the Washington Post.

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