Three Disney Sidekicks That Remind Me of My Dog

Every Disney princess has her own sidekick, and I've realized I have my own in real life, too!

There's a sidekick in literally every Disney movie, and they're all pretty amazing. From Mushu and Olaf to Meeko & Flit and the broom from Fantasia, there are a lot of great sidekicks that enhance the stories and entertainment value for everyone.

These are the top three sidekicks that remind me most of my chihuahua, Jaq Jaq, who I could easily see becoming his own Disney character.


Based on appearance alone, Stitch is the most obvious. He has dog mannerisms but also looks a lot like a chihuahua. Jaq Jaq even has his own little Stitch toy.



This little pig's mannerisms also remind me of Jaq Jaq. One of my nicknames for Jaq Jaq is "piglet," so Pua is very fitting. I'd say that the character Piglet also reminds me of my dog, but if I really have to choose between these two pigs, it would most definitely be Pua.



Pascal is the #1 sidekick that most reminds me of my dog! Especially when Rapunzel puts a dress on him. Hahaha. And their facial expressions are literally the same.



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