Disney Fans Ride EVERY RIDE in All Four Disney World Parks in 18 Hours

A couple from Florida completed an epic feat of riding all 46 attractions at the Walt Disney World theme park in Orlando in a day.

Shane Lindsay, 45, and Kristina Hawkins, 31, completed the Parkeology Challenge on Wednesday which saw them tackle everything from Space Mountain in the Magic Kingdom to the Frozen ride at Epcot and finished the challenge in 18 hours. They documented their magical day by taking a selfie at each ride.  

But what made their achievement all the more remarkable was the fact they lined up like everybody else for the attractions and didn't use a single FastPass or MagicBand which can be used to jump the line.

The day began at 8am at the Magic Kingdom with the couple riding down Main Street USA in one of the vintage vehicles. 

Some 18 hours later, their day ended with the pair still at the Magic Kingdom riding the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train just before the entire park closed at 2am on Thursday. 

The pair covered all four of the Orlando parks consisting of The Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney's Hollywood Studios and Disney's Animal Kingdom according to the Orlando Sentinel.

The Parkeology Challenge was actually 'invented' by Shane along with his friend Ted Tamburo. The objective is to ride all the open rides in a single day and sign-up and register your efforts on the Parkeology website. 

Shane and Kristina have completed this marathon stint before, however this is the first time they have managed to complete the task without using the line-jumping aids. 

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