Wisconsin Man Sees Marvel Film Captain Marvel 116 Times

Captain Marvel, the latest marvel film to hit theaters before Avengers Endgame has hit $1 billion worldwide. However one man in Wisconsin has helped the box office total. Steve Ruppel of Wisconsin has seen the movie a 116 times. According to him, “I thought it was the most insane thing ever, I thought it was impossible...I wasn’t even sure why it was even a record, but I thought after a while ‘I should probably do that.' You might be wondering, does this man even have a job...you'd be surprised to learn that he does, but he had to plan watching the film carefully. Steve went onto say, "The amount of time that it takes, I’ve had to take time off work, I would take long lunch breaks to accommodate watching an entire movie in that particular time frame...And then just time on the weekends where I’m not doing other things.”

Not sure if that's the most healthiest thing in the world but gotta give the man some credit for breaking the record. You can check out the full story here: https://www.indiewire.com/2019/04/wisconsin-man-captain-marvel-world-record-116-times-1202126496/

What do you think? Would you do the same thing?


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