MN State Fair Announces They Officially Ban Pokemon Go From Fairgrounds

The fairgrounds Police Chief Paul Paulos told the Pioneer Press that Pokemon Go players were parking their cars in the middle of the street, running stop signs, pinged retaining walls and crashing.

On days when the game spread around a lot of valuable virtual loot or turned loose a rare and valuable “legendary” Pokemon, it got even worse. Nobody, he said, has been injured… yet.

It’s not that the players themselves were hooligans. In general, they were “polite people.” Since coming down from peak popularity in 2016, the players have, increasingly, beeninfatuated adults, not rowdy teens. But it was getting to be too much of a hassle.

The department issued a statement earlier this month saying they’d asked Niantic, the company that made the game, to turn the fairgrounds into a virtual dead zone.

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