Mall Of America Water Park Is Moving Ahead!

It seems as though my dreams have come true! Bloomington has voted to move forward with a whopping $7.5 million project to push with some might say, controversial and honestly interesting plan to build a giant water park next to the Mall of America. Not only would it be large, it would be considered one of the largest water parks in the country. All together, the park would cost roughly around $250 million dollars.

According to the Star Tribune, "Tax dollars could pay another $50 million in the future for a parking ramp and a skyway, as well as up to $8 million to help prepare the site, according to city estimates. And the plan hinges on raising sales taxes at the Mall of America if the park fails to generate enough money — an option authorized by the Legislature in 2008. "

What do you think of this proposal? Would you like to see a giant water park? Would you go?

You can check out the full article on the matter here:

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