Notre Dame: Some Relics Marked Safe, While Fate Of Others Still Unknown

Some items have been accounted for in the Notre Dame tragedy, while the fate of others remains unknown.

According to the Daily Mail, some items were able to be saved from the horrific fire that destroyed the 850-year-old cathedral including the crown of thorns, Tunic of St. Louis, and the statues that had previously been airlifted from the roof for renovation purposes.

Marked "apparently safe" are the Descent from the Cross, cathedral bells, and the Grand Organ.

The fate is unknown for the north, west, and south Rose Windows, the Choir screen, True Cross and Holy Nails, Madonna and Child statue, the Mays paintings, Painting of Thomas Aquinas, Statue of St. Denis, and the Visitation painting.

Destroyed by the fire are the irreplaceable wooden roof and the 19th-century spire.


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