Trolls HELPED Family-Friendly Drag Show at Rosedale Center Become a Success

A Facebook group known for trolling drag shows ended up helping ticket sales of Rosedale Center's family-friendly drag show.

The show, run by Flip Phone, is described as being more child friendly than "walking past a Victoria's Secret store." It was met with criticism from trolls in the Facebook group Child Protection League Action, according to City Pages.

The group calls itself a "nonprofit organization that works to protect children from exploitation, indoctrination, and violence" by "mobilizing the public." Their way of getting the message out there is by having group members spam Rosedale Center's Facebook page with comments like, "I'm appalled! Have you run out of recruits that you have to seduce children whose minds are not even matured enough to make an adult decision? Despicable behavior on your part!!!"

A war of screenshots ensued between Flip Phone and the trolls, along with hoards of kind comments in support of the drag show, which ultimately helped the show sell out.

Rosedale Center reportedly remained supportive throughout the ordeal.

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