Minneapolis Voted AS The Number 1 Underrated City

As Ron Burgundy once said, "Super Duper...Neato Gang!" According to a new survey performed by Ranker.com, Minneapolis has come out on top as the number one underrated city in America. I think for good reasons too! We have got great food, amazing local music, theater, and you know the weather isn't all that bad when it's all said is done. Check out the top 10 full list below!

Do you think we deserve this honor?

  • 1. Minneapolis
  • 2. Pittsburgh¬†
  • 3. Charleston, South Carolina¬†
  • 4. Savannah, Georgia
  • 5. Asheville, North Carolina¬†
  • 6. Portland, Oregon
  • 7. Kansas City, Missouri
  • 8. Seattle
  • 9. Nashville
  • 10. Milwaukee



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