Children BANNED From Wisconsin Restaurant After Kids Tattoo Themselves

A Wisconsin restaurant has had it with kids after a group tattooed themselves in a booth.

According to the Daily Mail, Tom's Drive In in Appleton, WI, has banned unsupervised minors from their restaurant after a group of middle school-aged kids "disrespected" the restaurant and its employees.

Staff members told WFRV that "it had become a full time babysitting job" watching the kids that came in after school. One time, some kids allegedly used needles to give each other tattoos and left behind bloody napkins. Others allegedly carved into booths and wrote on tables.

The restaurant posted signage directed at "Middle School Students" that read: "Due to mistreatment of Tom's Drive In's property, guests, and staff, you are no longer allowed inside of the building without parental supervision. For those who did not cause any of the incidents, we are sorry for this inconvenience. You may still purchase food through the walk-up window."

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