Iowa Man's Funny Obituary Is Hilariously Iowa

An Iowa man's obituary paints a colorful picture of his life in a hilarious way.

According to the Des Moines Register (via NY Post), Tim Schrandt left behind a humorous obit after losing his short battle with cancer.

"When he died, the cancer died, so technically it was a tie!" reads the obituary. "He was ready to meet his Maker, we're just not sure 'The Maker' is ready to meet Tim."

The obituary said the 63-year-old "made his last inappropriate comment" on March 29.

"If you are wondering if you may have ever met him, you didn't - because you WOULD remember. For those of you that did meet him, we apologize..."

I did think that maybe his family actually hated him, until I read that he "led a good life and had a peaceful death - but the transition was a bitch. Good luck God!"

(Lol.) Read more here.

Photo: Tim Schrandt Family via Schluter-Balik


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