Please Support Paul Fletcher's Daughter As She "Walks For Amazing"

My 6 year old Elsie goes to kindergarten, looks and behaves like any other kid.....

Here she is with her little sister, Evan, at the Science Museum this past weekend

What's different for Elsie is she's the only kid in her class still wearing a diaper. Elsie battles Hirschsprung's Disease. Elsie's core isn't strong enough & she has a severe mental block (among other reasons), so going potty on the toilet isn't possible yet....but we're working on it.

WITHOUT Children's Minnesota, she wouldn't even have that chance, so the Walk For Amazing is our way of giving back and saying thank you for saving Elsie's life. Get the full story on Elsie's disease and her early days, RIGHT HERE!

We'd really love it if you could register a team for the Walk For Amazing OR join Elsie's team OR make a donation to Elsie's team. And you can any of those options, RIGHT HERE!

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