These Are The Top 10 Signs Of Inner Beauty

There's a general consensus on what "outer beauty" is. The guy who plays Aquaman . . . THAT'S outer beauty. But what does "inner beauty" actually mean?

Researchers asked 1,600 women what inner beauty is. According to the results, here are the top ten signs you're beautiful on the inside . .

1. You're kind and treat people well.

2. You're honest.

3. People feel comfortable around you.

4. You're happy in general.

5. You can laugh at yourself.

6. You're happy being yourself around other people.

7. You stand up for other people.

8. You don't judge people just because they're different.

9. You know when someone needs a shoulder to cry on.

10. You can admit when you're wrong, or made a mistake.

A few more that just missed the top ten are caring about the environment . . . being optimistic . . . and actively encouraging others to pursue their dreams. 


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