Poll: What Are The Most Underrated Cities In America? (Guess Who's #1?)

Big cities like New York and L.A. get plenty of fanfare. But what's the most UNDERRATED city in America? Over 5,000 people recently voted online.

And according to the results, the most underrated city is . . . Minneapolis. But Pittsburgh was a close second. Here are the top ten . . .

1. Minneapolis. Lots of great food, and the cost of living is pretty good.

2. Pittsburgh. Again, it's affordable. And it's got a great nightlife scene.

3. Charleston, South Carolina. Picturesque, historic, and right on the ocean.

4. Savannah, Georgia. Lots of culture, and great if you like a slower pace.

5. Asheville, North Carolina. It's the smallest city in the top ten at about 90,000 people.

6. Portland, Oregon.

7. Kansas City, Missouri.

8. Seattle.

9. Nashville.

10. Milwaukee.

If you don't agree with the rankings, or you want to further solidify Minneapolis at #1, you can still vote. Just go to Ranker.com, and search for "America's Most Underrated Cities." 

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