This "Offensive" Photo of Miley Cyrus Is Upsetting a Lot of People

People are so offended by this Miley Cyrus photo that it inspired them to start a petition.

According to the Daily Mail, photos of Miley wearing a floral bodysuit hanging out in a Joshua Tree sparked a petition demanding her to delete them, because they say the photos encourage other people to destroy wildlife. The captions read, "Monkey Bizzzzznassssss" and "Looking down at all the petty drama like...."

The petitioners are particularly worried that Miley's potential vandalism will encourage others to mess with the California national park's treasures, which has already seen damage that will take 300 years to recover.

"The shutdown furloughed key staff and left the park open to rampant vandalism," the petition says. "Visitors disregarded trail signs, trampled over sensitive areas, and even knocked over several iconic trees to make way for illegal off-roading vehicles.

"According to experts, in just 35 days, vandals and unpoliced visitors caused so much damage that the park would take up to 300 years to recover."

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