Learn A New Language While Watching Your Favorite Shows? This App May Help

Do you ever want to learn a new language but just don't have the time? Well, a new app by the name of Lingvo is giving you the option to catch up on those shows youve been watching and learn a new language at the same time. Lingvo is an app that lets you use Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon Video to help you pick up a language a little faster. \

How does it work you ask? According to Lifehacker.com, "The service is actually a combination of a Chrome extension and a smart phone app. With it, you watch a movie in another language and with subtitles in that language through your browser using the Chrome extension.On your phone, the same subtitles will appear simultaneously. When you hear or see something you don’t understand you can tap on the word on your smartphone to get a quick definition without having to stop the movie."

How cool is that? Pretty in ingenious if you ask me. Maybe I can finally learn some basic German.


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