These New "Cake Shakes" Are What Minnesota Needs Right Now

You can have your cake AND ice cream, too, with this Twin Cities ice cream shop's new "cake shakes."

Dairy Queen rolled out its new soft serve shakes blended and topped with pieces of cake, via Delish. They come in two flavors: chocolate and strawberry.

The Chocolate Cake Shake blends chocolate topping with "milk and creamy DQ vanilla soft serve" and is "hand-spun with vanilla layer cake." The shake is topped off with "thick pieces" of layer cake and "choco chunks."

The Strawberry Cake Shake is pretty special, too. It's made with real strawberries, blended with milk, vanilla soft serve, and vanilla layer cake, topped with strawberry syrup and more thick pieces of cake.

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Photo: Dairy Queen via Delish


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