YouTubers Prank 6-Year-Old Daughter By Telling Her They're Giving Dog Away

From BuzzFeed:

"YouTubers Cole and Savannah LaBrant are facing backlash for a video they posted in which they play a prank on their 6-year-old daughter Everleigh by telling her they were giving her puppy away.

If you don’t know who Cole and Sav are, here’s some background. The couple, who got married in 2017, each had their own vlogging careers before merging and creating a blog family empire under their channel, The LaBrant Fam.

That channel has 8.7 million subscribers on YouTube.Sav has 5 million Instagram followers, her husband has 4 million, Everleigh, Sav’s daughter from a previous relationship, has 4.3 million, and the couple’s 3-month-old daughter,Posie, has 1.1 million.

On Monday, April Fools’ Day, the couple posted a video on their YouTube channel called “We Have to Give Our Puppy Away... Saying Goodbye Forever :(.”

The description is “We didn’t think Everleigh would be this sad about it...”"

This is one of the most cruel and horrible pranks I have ever seen. Watch the video for yourself below. For the full story click here

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