Hotel Is The First To Offer Yoga With Lemurs

A hotel in Cumbria has started offering a unique way to relax and unwind - by taking yoga classes with lemurs.

Armathwaite Hall hotel in Keswick, Cumbria, has added a twist to their usual line up of activities and are inviting guests to experience a new kind of exercise buddy.

The lemurs, from Lake District Wild Life Park, are able to wander around the mats and climb over yogis during the Lemoga lessons.

In a recent class some of the cheeky creatures were seen appearing to imitate the yogis by sitting and resting their arms out as if in a yoga pose.

In between stretches and climbing over mats, the lemurs chased each other around and investigated support blocks. 

The sessions aim to heighten the sense of wellbeing for both lemur and human participants.

As lemurs have friendly personalities and are used to human contact from the Wild Life Park, they apparently make the perfect companion for yoga.

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