Gay Couple in Wisconsin Threatened With Eviction Over Pride Flag Display

A Wisconsin couple claims they were threatened with an eviction by their landlord for putting up a pride flag outside their home.

According to WBBH-TV (via Daily Mail), Kevin Kollmann and Merle Malterer say they fear being evicted after their landlord ordered them to remove a gay pride flag from the property in a note accusing them of breaching their lease.

The flag they displayed had stars and stripes, but instead of red, white, and blue, they were LGBTQ rainbow colors to support gay and trans pride.

Of receiving the letter from their landlord, Kollman said, "Personally, I feel like we're kind of singled out here because it's what it is."

The unidentified landlord told the news outlet that regardless of what symbol was on the flag, he would have asked any resident to take it down, adding that he asked the same couple to take down a Green Bay Packers flag earlier this year.

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