Man Drinks SIX Energy Drinks a Day; Reveals It's DISSOLVING His Tongue

A teacher who consumed at least six energy drinks per day has shared a shocking image of his blistered and peeling tongue. 

Dan Royals posted the picture of his damaged mouth to warn people about the dangers of energy drinks which contain up to 58 grams of sugar per can.

He said he used to drink at least five or six per day until his doctor told him excessive sugar and chemicals - including amino acids, B vitamins and herbal substances - were eating away at his flesh.

'Up until recently when this started to occur I was drinking at least 5-6 a day (lack of energy teaching kids usually) and I brush daily, went to the doctor and boom! Found out it's the chemicals in these drinks that are causing it... It literally eats away at your tongue.

'So be wary guys.'

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