New Technology Will Force You To Watch Ads

Announced via Kickstarter, Spike's new movie-related scheme comes across as even more harebrained than its MoviePass precursor. PreShow, as the eventually to-be-released app is called, offers you credits redeemable for movie tickets in exchange for watching roughly 20 minutes worth of ads. And we do meanwatching. \

According to the PreShow FAQ page, some form of facial-tracking software will ensure that your attention doesn't waver — even for a moment.

"We use proprietary facial recognition technology," the page explains in response to a question about how the company knows if a user is watching the ads. "That's why it's so easy to pause the viewing, and resume it later, at your leisure."

And don't even think about trying to walk away. "The motion detector automatically pauses playback if you have to step away," explains the KickStarter pitch. "You can resume watching anytime at your leisure."

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