Kris Lindahl Parody Billboard Goes Up in Twin Cities

Derek Camitsch is a local guy with a hilarious idea. He wanted to get a parody billboard up with his arms outstretched poking fun at Kris Lindahl and his famous arms outstretched billboard, with the words "Look How Long My Arms Are"

Well, Kris Lindahl heard about the joke and found a way to make it even better:

A message from Kris himself:

The only thing better than a joke is a joke that raises money for charity! When I found out about Derek’s fundraising effort, I decided to donate a billboard to make his billboard vision a reality. In turn, all the money Derek raised will go to charity. One of our core values at Kris Lindahl Real Estate is to Be Generous! I saw this is a great opportunity to take this joke and have a meaningful, positive impact in our community. $1,250 will now be going to a great cause, the organization People Serving People. ( )"

The billboard can be seen on East Hennepin at SE 9th Street.

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