Local Brewery Hosting BBQ Competition on Saturday; You Can Taste Test

Insight Brewing is having one of the most AMAZING foodie events of the year. From their website:

Winter is almost over. Stop. Looking. Outside. Keep your eyes on this information, because on 3/23 we’re celebrating Spring with our annual Smoke Signals Beer Fest. Beer, BBQ, bluegrass… spring starts when we say so. Here’s what’s on tap:


Three BBQ greats. Two new challengers. One trophy. We’re no mathematicians, but that sounds like it equals some good grub.

Minnesota BBQ Co.(returning champion)

Clarin Family BBQ(challenger)

Pig Approved BBQ(challenger)


We always make beer for you. But we made these beers just for you.

1:00 Mango Dankbot

2:00 Triple Shot Banshee Cutter

3:00 Dandelion & Elderflower Brut IPA

4:00 Strawberry Kiwi Lager

5:00 Smoked Chili Scotch Gravity Well


Grab your banjoes. Scrub your washboards. Practice your yodeling. And then stop and leave it to these professionals:

2:45Roe Family Singers

4:15Wailing Loons

5:45 Dead Pigeons

7:15Parachute Pandas

8:45The Pistol Whippin Party Penguins


Naturally, our partners atUP Coffee Roasterswill be serving up java all day. So you can get your buzz on in multiple ways.


Our friends atGlam Doll Donutswill be here slinging delicious donuts. Goes well with coffee or beer. We’d suggest trying both.


The best things in life are free. Except for this party, which will cost $2 to get a 21+ wristband. If it makes you feel better, a portion of the proceeds is being dedicated toCommunity Emergency Assistance Programs (CEAP).

Kids enter free. But we still might ask them for I.D. just to see the look on their faces.

Please note, we will not be able to honor promos, samples or serve flights at the event.

For more information click here

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