Drunk Minnesota Guy Dares His Mom to Run Him Over in Their Driveway

A Minnesota woman is behind bars after her son dared her to run him over in their driveway.

Cynthia Grund, 58, was dared by her 37-year-old son to run him over after he refused to get up off their driveway at around 5 p.m. on Monday, the NY Daily News reports.

"He didn't believe I would," she told Olmstead County deputies. "He has been drinking all day. We gave him a chance."

Grund was arrested for second-degree assault. Her son reportedly suffered "significant" head and pelvic injuries.

Neighbors describe Grund and her husband, the man's stepfather, describe the couple as "always friendly, always willing to help out within our community" and they were never "off or malicious in any sort of way."

Here's a real plot twist, though - Grund's sister is Lois Riess, the woman at the center of the double homicide she's set to stand trial for for killing her husband and then a stranger in Florida last year.


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