Cancelled Forrest Gump Sequel Featured Princess Diana and OJ Simpson

A somewhat bizarre sequel toForrest Gumpwas completed by its writer Eric Roth in 2001 – but 9/11 stopped the project from ever seeing the light of day.

Despite grossing over $678 million (£515 million) and triumphing at the Oscars, the 1994 movie has never received a follow-up.

But Roth now says a sequel nearly happened, after he filed a completed draft of the script to director Robert Zemeckis on 10 September, 2001.

However, the tragic events of the following day meant that the movie never happened. Both Tom Hanks and the film’s producers believed that the era-defining tragedy meant that a sequel wouldn’t be deemed important or relevant to the audience.

Roth also revealed the plot to Yahoo Entertainment– and perhaps it’s remained as a script for the right reasons.

As well as following Forrest Junior’s struggles living with Aids, the film would also see a chance encounter with OJ Simpson.

“I had him in the back of OJ [Simpson]’s Bronco, and that he would look up occasionally and they didn’t see him in the rear-view mirror,” Roth explained.

“I had him as a ballroom dancer, and eventually as a charity thing he danced with Princess Diana.”


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