Mollie's Must-Haves: Locally Roasted Coffee That You NEED to Know and Try

You need to know and try this Minnesota coffee roaster, who has the most beautiful packaging.

SK Coffee has been on my radar for a while because I love that they do coffee subscriptions here in the Twin Cities. I love this idea, because there's nothing worse than drinking nasty office coffee and pouring half of it down the drain because you just can't take it anymore. (Obviously I know that feeling all too well, and I know you do, too.)

But you're not gonna want to pour SK Coffee down the drain - TRUST ME. It's amazing and it comes in the most beautiful packaging, too. If you have Scandinavian roots, you'll love the colorful Swedish Dala horse on the bags.

I talked to them and I was able to get you the hook up for 20% off with the code "MUSTHAVE." Find them at

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