Jayme Closs Suspect Wants to Talk to Jayme: "I Love Her"

The suspect in the Jayme Closs case got very candid in a phone interview over the weekend.

According to CBS, WCCO reporter Jennifer Mayerle spoke with Jake Patterson over the phone. Patterson, who is accused of kidnapping Jayme Closs and killing her parents, said that he wanted to talk to the girl but "knows he can't."

"I love her," he told Mayerle.

The call was only a few minutes long, but he revealed why he confessed to the crimes.

"Parts of me, like, really knows I shouldn't be (expletive) talking to you. But like, I just didn't wanna cause any more trouble," he said.

Patterson describes what supposedly happened while he held Jayme captive in his Wisconsin home: "We were just watching TV, playing board games, talking about stuff. We cooked a lot; everything we made was homemade."

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