Minneapolis Drivers are the "Least Aggressive Drivers In The Nation"

No matter the reason, it appears the Twin Cities play host to the least aggressive drivers in the country.

So says Gas Buddy, a website that analyzes the oil market and pump prices around the country. Itsdatacomes from the Gas Buddy app, which helps drivers improve their fuel efficiency by charting hard-breaking, rapid acceleration, and speeding.

That means it’s an imperfect measurement, restricted to app users rather than the population at large. But it does offer insight into our hostility – or lack thereof -- on the road. And when we’re compared to drivers in the 30 largest metro areas, we’re downright passive – sans the aggressive part.

The most aggressive naturally come from the western and southern sprawl cities, where freeway congestion infuses normally decent people with impatience and rage. LA is No. 1 – 22 percent more aggressive than the U.S. average -- followed by such notables as Sacramento, San Diego, Orlando, and Austin.

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