Chick-fil-A's New Frosted Key Lime Drink is "Lighter Than a Milkshake"

Chick-fil-A has a new key lime pie drink that's literally the pie in drinkable form.

According to People, the new Frosted Key Lime drink joins Chick-fil-A's lineup of frozen beverages on Monday, March 18. Consisting of vanilla ice cream, lemonade, and a lime flavoring made from key limes, kaffir limes, and Persian limes, it's reportedly lighter than a milkshake.

The Frozen Key Lime also includes superfoods like spirulina and turmeric, so you feel a little less guilty while indulging. Diet lemonade is also an option to help reduce calorie intake by 70 calories.

Photo: Chick-fil-A via People


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