New Minneapolis BBQ Joint Has HUGE Portions, Homemade Ranch Sauce

BEAST Barbecue is the newest spot to hit Northeast, and it brags one of the most tempting sauces in the midwest:

The chef recalls a time when the only condiment Minnesotans seemed interested in was... ranch dressing. That’s why Beast offers a Minnesota White sauce, a send-up of an Alabama-style condiment that uses house-made ranch, made to order. Few people are getting that—“some people put it on a salad,” Weber reports—but the chef/owner sees it as a good thing, a positive sign toward an increasingly adventurous palate.

There’s also smoked chicken (crispy, and pleading from beyond its feathery grave to be dipped into something) and chopped-up servings of pork butt and chicken, both of which are tasty additions to one of Beast’s one-, two-, three-, and four-meat platters. In case someone at your table’s longing for their last trip to Lake Superior, there’s smoked whitefish. Our advice: Get the BEAST Platter, (capitalization theirs, enthusiasm ours) and fill it up with a little of everything.

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