Woman Arrested at Target for Drinking Six Pack of Beer in Dressing Room

A woman was arrested after downing an entire six pack of beer in a Target dressing room.

According to the NY Daily News, 21-year-old Elysia Johnson walked around the store filling up a basket with various items including a six pack of Stella Artois beer and then locked herself in a fitting room.

Johnson was in there for over an hour where she drank all the beer.

When she was done, Johnson left the California Target with the other items valued at over $200 (which she did not pay for). She was detained by the loss prevention team and then booked at the county jail.

Johnson faces shoplifting charges for the incident, as well as three other warrants for prior misdemeanors including petty theft, battery on person and resisting, obstructing, delaying a law enforcement officer or EMT.


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