Jayme Closs Suspect: "I Don't Think Like a Serial Killer"

In a handwritten letter, Jake Patterson addressed his feelings and plan leading up to the kidnapping of Jayme Closs and murder of her parents.

KARE 11 sent a list of questions to Jake Patterson, who sent back answers to the news station. One of the questions they asked was:

When in your life did you realize you were capable of doing something like this? I just watched a 20/20 Special on BTK killer, and he told a reporter he knew as a teen that he wanted to do something like this one day, and he was jealous over attention other killers like Ted Bundy were receiving. Did you feel any of those same thoughts?

To that question, Patterson replied:

The cops say I planned this thoroughly, and that I said that. They're really good at twisting your words around, put them in different spots, straight up lie. Little mad about that. Trying to cover up their mistakes I guess. This was mostly on impulse. I don't think like a serial killer.

Read the rest of the letter here.


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