Minnesota Cat Wakes Up With Hilarious Reaction to Firefighter's Rescue

This cat had such a cat response to a firefighter's rescue in Minnesota.

After putting out a house fire in Pine City, Minnesota, firefighters discovered a cat laying unresponsive in the home. Luckily, they found it quick enough to be able to revive it.

The cat's reaction to the firefighter saving it, however, was "less than appreciative."

"Not to start a cat vs dog argument but apparently, the cat was less than appreciative of the efforts and was described as quite 'crabby,'" the Pine County Sheriff's Office said (via Bring Me The News). "This might also explain why we have a K9 program and not a feline program at the Sheriff's Office."

The house was also saved, but suffered heat and smoke damage.

Photo: Pine County Sheriff's Office


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