New Minnesota Bill Will Make It Illegal To Drive Slow In The Left Lane

Minnesota lawmakers have revived bills that would increase penalties for those who drive too slowly in the passing lane.

"We’ve all been behind the car that hangs out in that left lane and won’t move over," Sen. John Jasinski of Faribault says.

"I just think this bill promotes an easy way for better traffic flow throughout the state."

Sen. Jasinski's bill would raise the fine for driving too slowly in the left lane to $100 from the current level of $50. Once you tack on the $75 standard surcharge for all moving violations, a slowpoke violation would total $175.

The measure would also permit people to exceed posted speed limits by five miles per hour in order to pass a slowpoke. The bill also calls for the Dept. of Public Safety to run public awareness campaigns alerting people to existing rules of the road.

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