Cheesehead Leaves His Measles Quarantine to Go to Gym

A Wisconsin man is facing consequences after leaving his measles quarantine to hit the gym.

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (via KARE 11), Jeffery Murawski and his wife, Christine, were charged last week with one count of exposing the public to communicable disease after he snuck out of the house to go work out. Their home was even being watched by a deputy right outside to make sure they didn't leave.

Five days after a health officer ordered him to be quarantined to prevent the spread of measles, Murawski's wife drove him to the gym because he was "getting cabin fever and needed to get out of the house."

When he got to the gym, Murawski felt guilty and left...but not before he was spotted by an off-duty deputy.

Murawski and his wife face 30 days in jail and a $500 fine.

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