This Controversial Hot Dish is The Biggest Minnesota Argument in DECADES

A reddit user posted her recipe for hot dish, and the internet is TORN on whether or not it counts as a hot dish:

"Ground soy, low sodium cream of mushroom soup, corn or green beans, and some almond milk to thin"

Some people had issues with the depth of the pan she was using:

"Do you think it misses anything by having a much lower ratio of tots to hot dish? How does it cook in the middle as compared to the edges?"

Others had problems with the size:

"How can that be Minnesotan? It looks far too small to bring to a potluck or feed a family with leftovers"

Many users were quick to come to her defense:

"While I don't normally endorse comfort food trying to be healthy, this is hotdish so you're free to do whatever you want with it and I approve."

Others said she didnt go far ENOUGH:

"Could go even further and use cauliflower tots"

What do you think?

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