Dan Reynolds Responds To Hate Thrown At Imagine Dragons

If you didn't know, Imagine Dragons have been the center of a ton of ridicule and overly harsh criticism. To the point of it being just flat out mean. From a couple other musicians as well as critics and rando's on social media.

I'm so tired of the hatred. All it shows what a garbage disposal social media can be. I don't know about you, but all I take from the people that fire hurtful, mean sentiment out into the world. A little ribbing of people or poking fun at people on social media is......whatever, it's fine. But when it gets to that next level where it's personal and just absolutely mean spirited, well I just don't get it.

No need for me to add anything further, just read Dan's response because it's perfect.

Even Matt Nathanson chimed in, of course siding with Imagine Dragons because it's all just stupid.

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