Uber Driver Lets Rider Choose Between 'Therapy,' 'Silent,' or 'Creepy' Ride

An Uber driver gives his passengers the choice of having a "creepy" or "therapy session" ride.

One Twitter user shared a photo of a menu his Uber driver used to give his passengers their ride experience of choice, including very stereotypical rides anyone can come across (shared by the Daily Mail).

"Last night my uber gave me a menu on what kind of ride i wanted," tweeted @LuisLovesGoats with a pic of the menu, which reads the following:

The Stand Up: I tell you about things that are funny (to me at least). From prison stories to other poor life choices I've made. Don't get a lovers name tattooed on you. Ever.
The Silent Ride: (Blank space)
The Therapy Ride: Got something on your mind? Let me help take it off. Talk to me.
The Creepy Ride: I don't say anything. I just look at you from time to time in the rearview mirror. All creepy like.
The Rude Ride: I be as rude as possible.

Sometimes Uber or Lyft rides can be super awkward, so I love how this guy addresses the weird rides but balances them with the good ones. Would you want your Twin Cities Uber driver to do this?

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