TERRIFYING: Six-Year-Old Describes How Momo Threatened Her on YouTube

This is the chilling moment a six-year-old girl describes how she was targeted by the 'Momo Challenge' suicide game while watching a Peppa Pig video onYouTubeKids.     

Bre-Andria Roussell was watching the popular children's program when Momo - a terrifying character with bulging eyes and a bird-like body - appeared on the screen and tried to befriend her. 

The child detailed the encounter to her horrified mother, 27-year-old Brittany Roussell, in a video posted onFacebook.

'She could be in your dreams or she could kill you,' Bre-Andria says of Momo. 

Bre-Andria described Momo as 'like an app, and you can call and text her' and says: 'She could be in your dreams or she could kill you.'

The youngster explains: 'When you call her she's going to hang up - and then it can start getting freaky. 

'You're going to text her if we could be friends and she will say: "Yes, we can be best friends."

'But when you come to her house, when she sends you the address, she's gonna actually kill you.'  

Bre-Andria says defiantly: 'I don't do that app because I don't want to get killed. I don't want that to happen to me so make sure y'all stay safe, OK? '

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