"Making a Murderer" Subject Steven Avery Granted Admission of New Evidence

The main subject of Netflix's 'Making a Murderer' documentary has just won another victory in his efforts to get a new trial over the 2005 death of Teresa Halbach.

Steven Avery's attorney has been granted the ability to supplement his post-conviction appeal with new evidence by the Wisconsin Court of Appeals, and that evidence will now be brought before a trial court to consider granting of a new trial.

Kathleen Zellner tweeted on Monday: 'Avery Update: We Won!!!!!! Back to the circuit court. #TruthWins' 

Zellner can now present evidence that the state mishandled earlier evidence, which could have raised significant doubt in prosecution case that landed Avery behind bars. 

Zellner told DailyMail.com: 'What is so unusual about the Wisconsin Court of Appeals decision is that this is only the third case ever in Wisconsin where the court has allowed a defendant to supplement new evidence into a pending appeal.'

Zellner said: 'The appellate court after reviewing our motion to add the new evidence about the bones being improperly given to the Halbach family in violation of State and federal law has allowed us to add that claim and evidence into our appeal.  

A second part of the ruling is that the appellate court sent the case back to the lower court to conduct proceedings to determine if the evidence is sufficient to grant Avery a new trial. 

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