Family Pulls Cruel Prank;Daughter Get Gift of Detergent to "Wash Underwear"

This is the moment a young girl's excitement quickly turns to disappointment when she opens a present.

The Mexican girl was the victim of a family prank when she received a gift wrapped box that contained a small bag of laundry detergent and a brush.

A woman in the background shouts in Spanish, ‘Open it, open it, open it,’ as the girl quickly rips the wrapping paper apart.

She tries to let out a smile at first when she finds detergent and a brush in the box while everyone in the living room breaks out in laughter.

‘It’s so she can wash her underwear,’ the same woman could be heard shouting across the room.

Already over the joke, the dejected girl closes the shoe box and tosses it at another person while the family continues to laugh in unison.

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