90-Year-Old Grandpa Accidentally Eats Paint: "Tastes Better Than Yogurt"

A grandfather's stomach is "completely unfazed" after accidentally binging on paint.

According to reports, a man named Bobby mistook a can of mint green paint for his favorite food, yogurt. His granddaughter, Alex, shared pictures of the aftermath on social media.

Bobby, who is doing fine after the incident, is loving all the attention he's getting on social media because people think he's funny. The 90-year-old New Yorker has his own Instagram account on which he describes himself as "90 years young.. Single & reDy to mingle. Paul McCartney doppelganger. Hobbies include talking about Tom Brady, dancing shirtless and making messes!"

He said on his Instagram after the incident: "Apparently I ate paint this morning...s*** honestly tastes better than yogurt sooo #no #regrets (poison control laughed at me, but they said I'll be fine)."


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