Here's A List Of Snowfall Totals From Yesteray. Where Does Your Town Rank?!

We're so lucky to have incredible neighbors, I work a bit later than most (don't get home til 6:45ish), most of the snow days I've come home to a snow blown driveway. Or at least a good start. But we are buried. More than a foot almost everywhere in our yard. I'm assuming you're not much different.

Check out my friend Matt Muenster......proof this winter snowfall is VERY very real.......


Sooooooooooooooooooooo, just how much snow did we get? And where do you rank?

Here's a list of snowfall leaders
12.8 inches- Belle Plaine
11- Andover, Westbrook, Webster, Henderson
10.5- Edgerton, Lismore
10.1- Victoria
10- Bloomington, Osseo, Lakeville, North Mankato, Le Sueur, New Ulm, St. James, Hutchinson, Granite Falls
9.8- Marshall
9.5- Excelsior, Waconia, New Prague, Eagle Lake, Steen, Lynd
9.3- Montrose, Chanhassen
9.2- Eden Prairie, Otsego

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